Sunday, November 6, 2011

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At Pure Showers we want to remind everybody that showering in that water can have bad effects on us too. Here we do this by presenting information to you and explaining to you in clear English. We want you to make an informed choice regarding your health and the health of your family. Even if you don't buy a shower filter from us today - we hope that at least you've learnt more about the tap water that enters your house each day.

Pure showers offers a range of modern luxurious shower filters

Our mission at is simple; help people stay healthy! In todays society it is often very hard to stay as healthy as we'd all like to be. We're always looking for ways to keep ourselves healthier. Sometimes that's by the food we eat, sometimes it's through trying to stay active and exercise. Every day we are reading labels, counting calories, doing countless things which allow us to keep our health and good looks.

Often we forget about things that aren't so obviously put on a label, but are right under our noses! Many of us drink bottled water or will filter our tap water, we wouldn't dream about drinking water right from the tap! Though each and every day we are showering in that exact same water that we wouldn't drink! We forget that showering in that same tap water is just as bad for us as drinking it.

Pure showers offers a range of modern luxurious shower filters that makes water feel softer, remove scale, remove harsh chemicals and bacteria and eradicates heavy metals from your shower water. These nasties can cause itchy scalps, dry skin, eczema, dry, brittle and unhealthy hair with split ends, as well as a plethora of other conditions.

water Filters For Showers

Our shower water filters leave you with healthy, natural water that is good for you and your family’s hair, skin and body. A shower water filter can improve your quality of life as of today. Many of us wouldn’t drink unfiltered tap water because of the impurities in it, then why would we want to shower in that same water?

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