Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bag Filter Housings

To separate the fluids from the solids a particular process called filtration or bag filter housing is necessary. An operation that can be either a physical operation or a mechanical operation is needed. The only things that can pass this medium are gas or liquids. If there are any solids that are bigger in size they get retained in the filter. Just separating solids that are oversized is not enough as there will be contamination in the solids. Particles that are very fine can be contained in the filtrate.

Bag Filter Housings

In the cases where water is treated or where sewage is treated many of the constituents that are not desirable can be separated by a process called absorption. On the medium where the filtration takes place a film is placed to get the constituents that are not needed removed. The types of filters used for filtration are basically three in number. The first of its kind is the filter that processes liquids, the other is the bag filter and the third is the CIP or the Clean in Place filter.

All these bag filter housing options can be used in different kinds of applications and are most appropriate for each of the applications they are needed for. Each filter type has its own disadvantage as well as its advantages and accordingly the filter has to be used. When there is a high rate of liquid flow the filter of the CIP type has to be used. Workers cannot be exposed to certain kinds of liquids and can such contamination be exposed in the environment. In such a case, the filter of the CIP type is used. A cartridge filter or a bag filter is best used for removal of solids that are found suspended in the liquids.

At times a large number of solids have to be removed in which case a bag filter needs to be used. Bag filter housings are available in a multi bag line up or a single bag line so that customers are able to choose a range of these to meet applications that are most demanding in nature. The filter housings for single bags are best suited for filtration processes that are absolute, higher in quality and applications that are sensitive to cost as well. Features included are standard including materials like stainless steel in different versions and carbon steel.

There are bag filter housing styles in three types - entry over the top, sides as well as entry from the side with the cover clamp. To fit the bags used for filtering, the bag filter housings are available in four different sizes. A pre filter is needed when the level of contamination is very high. Filters of the bag types prove to be very economical choices and in certain cases they can also be used in final filtration as well. A bag filter is advantageous as its capacity to collect solids is high, it is cheaper, saves labor and allows easier disposal of contaminants that remain in the bag.

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